and now for a little silliness

Just overheard!  Hot off the game play!

Luc: Okay, let’s pretend we just got married.

Sophie: Okay.  You kiss me.

Luc: Okay. [kiss]

Sophie: Now what do we do?

Luc: We just had all that Get Married Cake, so we ate all the cake and now we’re tired so we’re going to go to bed.

Sophie:  Okay. [stretches out on the floor.  Luc gets down beside her.]

Luc:  Now you say, “You’re snoring too loud.”

Sophie: You’re snoring too loud.

Luc: [zzzz  zzzz zzzz]

Sophie: I’m dreaming.

Luc: What are you dreaming.

Sophie.  I’m dreaming I’m in jail.

Luc: What are you in jail for?

Sophie:  I don’t know, maybe snoring.

Me: [cracking the fuck up]

Is this what they think marriage is?  Is this a peek into how they see MY marriage?  Surely there is more to marriage than kissing, cake, snoring and jail?  Surely.

[Stop calling me Shirley.]

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