overheard conversation

Luc (4): I think I’ve figured out why we have two buns.  We have two legs, and the legs go all the way up, so there is one bun per leg.

Sopihe (6): It would be really funny if there was someone who had four buns.

Luc: I think I saw someone like that on Star Wars.

Sophie: He had four buns?  And two bums?

Luc: Do you know what happens if you swallow bubblegum?

Sophie: What?

Luc: When you poot, a pink bubble comes out.

Sophie: [laughing so suddenly she falls off the couch]

Luc:  What? Was that funny?

2 thoughts on “overheard conversation

  1. Catherine

    Today while Caleb was eating in a restaurant he very loudly proclaimed “I eat the sausage and it goes don and down into my pee pee”. People two tables down were cracking up!


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