david williams ashtanga workshop

Tonight, after eight months of home practice, I am going to my first ever ashtanga yoga class, taught by one of the first white people ever to learn it in Mysore some forty years ago, David Williams.

I feel all nervous, like I’m going to show up and the real ashtangis are going to tell me I have to leave.  I am aware that this is totally silly, leftovers from being a military kid and constantly being the new kid in class.  Stay tuned for bloggy updates!  It’s five classes spread over four days, including David’s take on how ashtanga ought to be taught, primary, pranayama, intermediate, and a history of how ashtanga came to the west.  Paul the Saint is keeping the kids through all of this, we’ll see if he survives.

Heck, we’ll see if I survive.

3 thoughts on “david williams ashtanga workshop

  1. laura

    I know how you feel. I recently felt this way going to an intro to 2nd Series at Tim Miller’s studio and a weekend with Lino Miele.

    David Williams is not going to kick you out. He is a kind and funny man. His workshop is all about “ashtanga yoga for the rest of your life” he modifies alot because nothing should ever hurt. His stories are awesome. It will be a great workshop. Enjoy!

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