spammers suck

There’s been some problem at my webhost, massive spamming or something, and their servers are all clogged up, thus preventing me from getting into my control panel and stopping Akismet, the spamblocker on my blog’s comment section, from working. So I’ve been getting gobs of spam, masquerading as comments, to weed through every day. God, who are these people? I really don’t get the point of these messages. ‘mayalasster you made my day with that post. I really like your theme,’ attached to the webaddress, give me a break. Or what’s with the ones that are just gobbledygook? Or the ones that are all question marks? “???? ??????? ??????” and a couple of ip addresses? What is that? Why do they do this? What it the motivation? I’d guess money, but I don’t get it. Does anyone anywhere ever actually click on these links?

signing off,

mystified in yurtland

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