wonky weather party

Now, I understand that in vast portions of the world, a frozen pond is No Big Deal. But around here, it’s about on par with a solar eclipse or maybe hail falling through a rainbow. (Oh wait, that last one already already happened .) But seriously, our pond has never had even a speck of ice on it. And yesterday, after days of highs in the low 30s and lows in the teens, temperatures unheard of for this long a stretch in our area, our pond has frozen solid.

Mochi, our cat, thought this was hilarious. Batting pine cones across the surface and chasing them, skidding and turning and sliding on her little paws, she put on quite a show. Cats On Ice!

The kids were simply astonished at this weather anomaly. “Oh My Gosh! Mom! It’s FROZEN!!!!”

See the stick on the ice? Sophie was trying as hard as she could to crack this stuff, but instead, her stick broke. It might as well have levitated for her look of surprise.

I told them the couldn’t go on it because, of course, I was terrified they would fall in. But really, it was so solid it felt like I could stand on it safely. And watching Mochi have so much fun, well, it wore me down. Finally I let them get on close to the edge, where at worse they were risking getting their legs wet. That ice didn’t move, could barely be dented with full rock-driven effort. Gradually my fears lessened. Until finally the kids decided ice-skating (in their boots) was in order.

Can you see Mochi off to the left? It was a party, let me tell you.

I even stood on it for a mississippi or two (“Look at me! I’m walking on water!”), but then I got too nervous and stepped back onto the dock, heart beating fast. I didn’t hear any cracking, but in my head, I had already fallen in. My fantasy life is way too realistic.

But I tell you, if this cold keeps up, I’m going to have to knit my goats some sweaters.

Mochi, heading home, triumphant and fearless.

Back at the yurt, we drank hot cider and looked at the pictures, as if to convince ourselves that it had all really happened. Today the high is supposed to be 40, so maybe it will melt, but there’s no telling. This weather we’ve been having is bizarre.

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  1. Mom

    Well, I have caught up on your Blog. The agency had a filter on the server that would not let lots of things in. When the health director was unable to send certain messages, things lightened up. I enjoyed everything. I love you.


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