i just read about the new apple tablet…

…and nearly wet myself with my geekgasm!

(It’s the one in the middle, between my beloved ipod touch, and my also beloved macbook. It’s a triumvirate of apply goodness!)

EXCEPT WHO THOUGHT OF THAT STUPID NAME???? I mean, really. iPad??? It sounds like something you use when you’re on the rag. Ew. What was wrong with iTablet? Or iBook? I like both of those names. Can we just collectively refuse to call it what apple wants to call it and rename it? In the name of everything good and holy, people! Please!

Name aside, this thing looks AMAZING. I adore my ipod touch, use it for everything, even reading, which I never thought I would. The (oh, I can barely stand to even type the name) iPad (ugh! ugh!) I am certain will just pick up where my ipod leaves off, fulfilling all my multi-media creation/consumption needs in one giant fireworks display of geek delight!

Oh, wait a minute, I have to, um, clean up this drool puddle. I must have left it there while reading gizmodo‘s coverage of Steve Jobs talking tech revolution.

“The revolution will now be apple-ized.”

How embarrassing.

So, anyway, I’m putting my spare change in a jar as we speak, to save up for one. By the time I get six or seven hundred bucks, they’ll have gone to 2Gen, worked out a few bugs, and hopefully have changed the name.

I can’t wait!

Updated the next day: I just read a little more about this thing and I have to admit, my adoration-from-afar is just growing. I honestly think this one is going to blow the roof off the publishing industry. And it looks gorgeous. Poor kindle. Kindle gets kudos for going first, but the iPad is in another class altogether. And of course, it is much much more than an e-reader w/ebook store built in. I am so impressed.

3 thoughts on “i just read about the new apple tablet…

  1. Mom

    This sounds interesting, but too complicated for me. I’m going to continue to buy my books for 50 cents from the thrift store.

  2. Luc Reid

    Agreed on the name. Maybe it would help to pronounce it “IP-ud”?

    And I can definitely groove on the reading thing, except that most of the books I read are either ones I already own or come from the library, so it may not be useful to me for that. As for content creation, do you really want to type on a screen? That sounds uncomfortable. And will it run Scrivener? A writing machine needs to run Scrivener (or be one step up from a clay tablet, like my beloved Alphasmart).

    1. maya Post author

      I’ve written on my tiny ipod touch, typing on a 10 inch screen will be a dream. I bet scrivener comes up with an awesome app for it. I’m glad to hear you are a scrivener convert! I love that program with a fierceness that astonishes. I think what you’ve got to remember is that at the moment, the IP-ud is just a vessel. There are a million apps in the app store that makes the ipod touch so universally useful. There will be that many for the IP-ad, too, I betcha. Right now it is just a gorgeous piece of potential, if you ask me. They’ve started with the drawing program and iBooks, etc, but the real thing will in a year when the developers have had a chance to reinvent it.


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