happy halloween!

I’ve posted before about our crazy-down-the-road neighbors who dude up their house for Halloween every year like nobody’s business. This year is no exception! 2009’s theme is Zombies, particularly Decapitated Zombies who are Carrying Their Own Heads, and, oddly, these are a special subset who have their brains resting right on their shoulders. Apparently carrying one’s head in this way is all the rage in zombie fashion this season, or so I’ve heard. I wouldn’t know personally, of course, as I am not a zombie.

Lo! Zombie’s playing football!

See what I mean about the head-holding?

Actually, this is totally gross. I’m glad I’m not a zombie.

But wait! There’s more!

This one speaks for itself, doesn’t it?


This is taking dieting too far.

But you can’t have a Zombie Halloween Extravaganza without live music, am I right? Okay, not live music, but, you know what I mean.

How about a zombie lounge singer?

And her back up band?

Remember: ALWAYS have a Zombie Contingency Plan.

Happy Halloween!

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