found art

Sometimes, going about my day, I run across remains of the play. (I’ve talked about one kind of play remains before.) In a household of creative people, it’s a lot like found art.

Sometimes it’s an actual arty project, left behind.


But sometimes it’s the marks left by the flow of the day…


Other times I find a still life that I think might been left for me, on purpose.

found art 6.jpg

Or someone’s whimsical experiment, this one a subtle play on color.

found art 5.jpg

I often find things on the camera I’m not expecting, like this close up of a skirt I wear to milk goats.

found art 3.jpg

I wonder when it was taken?

Or this amazing spider. Where the heck was this web??? Is it still there???

found art 4.jpg

And I can just imagine Sophie taking this one, the two of them giggling….

found art 7.jpg

Art and play are so close.

If I watch for it, art is everywhere.


2 thoughts on “found art

  1. Tracie

    The spider was from the butterfly house that we went to on my B-Day! we sat down and ate an orange or was it a tangerine.


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