late summer walk

Walking on our property yesterday, everything is lost in green, but somehow, you can feel that the peak of summer has passed.

late summer walk 3.jpg

The small creek is almost dry—just enough mud that the kids like to muck about in it. It will start filling up with fall rains, soon.

late summer walk 1.jpg

We didn’t do a goat walk this time—I’m not convinced that the babies wouldn’t run away. We’ll wait a bit longer before taking them all out.

Look at how tiny Luc looks next to this huge poplar!

late summer walk 2.jpg

The first red leaves of fall are starting to appear. These are sassafras, so pretty.

late summer walk 4.jpg

The times, they are a changing….

4 thoughts on “late summer walk

  1. CathyB

    Here’s a little something about sassafras that you may not know, Maya. They produce leaves of three different shapes — the three-lobed type you show here, a two-lobed variety that often looks like a mitten, and a non-lobed, entire shape. And here’s the way to remember them. Three-lobers are Daddyfras, two-lobers are Mamafras, and no-lobers are Little Baby Sassafras. Putting it altogether, Daddyfras, Mamafras, and Little Baby Sassafras. 🙂

    1. maya Post author

      Hey, I did not know that. We knew about the three kinds of leaves because, look, there they are on the tree, but I hadn’t heard the little family part of it. The kids liked that. They say Hi! by the way… 🙂

  2. Luc Reid

    Wait, wait, wait–I live in Vermont, and we barely get a summer here at all. This year we had an extra seasons (the rainy one) that lasted until mid-July, so we’ve only actually had a few weeks of real summer so far, and I’m NOT interested in seeing any leaves changing yet.

    Purty, though …


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