dinosaurs among us

The other day we were doing our hanging out thang when SUDDENLY the water in our water glasses started doing this mysterious shimmy that could only mean One Thing.

dino 2.jpg

HOLY CRAP! Dinosaurs stalking us through the forest!

But no worries, after all their recent training in zombie killing, Sophie and Luc were totally up to the task.

dino 1.jpg

Can we say Kids Gone Mental?

But after wrestling this Parasaurolophus to the ground, my dynamic duo realized that there were simply too many of them. The forest was teeming with dinosaurs! What to do, what to do????

I know! Hit the PAUSE button!

Poof! Giant, amazing dinosaurs frozen for all to see! Perfect!

dino 5.jpg

Look at this one, peeking out from behind a tree:

dino 6.jpg

The kids were just screaming with excitement when they saw it. This guy (gal? I’m not checking, that’s for damn sure) is as long as THREE YURTS.

dino 7.jpg

That’s a lot of dinosaur!

dino 3.jpg

Honestly, seeing life sized dinosaurs frozen among the trees makes me really, really glad they are EXTINCT.

dino 4.jpg

Here I was trying to get Sophie to stand in the shot in such a way that it would look like the was going to stomp on the head of the dino, but she really wasn’t interested. She wanted to run, run, run to see what was next….

dino 8.jpg

Ironically, the small ones were more scary. Maybe because they don’t simply boggle the mind? I can pretty easily imagine one of these little blue guys ripping me into shreds….um, yikes.

dino 9.jpg

This one is called a Maya-saurus. I’m not even kidding! Okay, it’s really spelled Maiasaurus, but that’s close. And get this: it’s the so-called ‘Mother Dino’ because it’s bones are usually found next to nests of its own kind. That’s right. Somebody named a dinosaur after me. The Mommysaurus.


Anyway, after staring at dinosaurs all morning, we searched for, and found, the rift in the space-time continuum that had allowed this leakage of prehistoric critters into our own time-stream, and, well, we sent them all home. Good-bye dinos, it’s been fun. And it’s a good thing Luc remembered to press PLAY, or they might have been PAUSED forever. Because dinosaurs love to PLAY.

After that, we had lunch. PBJ anyone?

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  1. Mom

    Wow, great place for the kids. Have enjoyed my visit to Mayaland. Guess I better get back to work. I love you. Kiss the kids for me.


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