martuz .cn can kiss my ass

This weekend my poor, traumatized blog was hacked again. Repairing the damage takes all the energy that would have gone into creating cool blog posts for y’all. So, sorry things have been dull around here for a few days. I don’t really want to increase my knowledge of blog security by a power of ten, which is what it would appear to require to keep the fuckers at martuz. cn from infecting my site with their nastiness. I did figure out how to block all the IP addresses that this stuff has been coming from. Maybe that will help. I could call down a plague upon both their houses, but the kickback is always a bitch. Maybe I need to hire someone. To beef up my blog security, not call the plague. Sigh. Tired. Maybe I’ll have something fun to say later.

3 thoughts on “martuz .cn can kiss my ass

  1. Tracie

    Hi Maya, well I haven’t had any porblems on this end at all.. every thing you post comes up like normal and I dont not get any “nastiness” or at least I have not as of yet … hopefully this gives you some info that may help if not at lest I can still read you blog.:)

  2. Pam Jennelle

    I’m so sorry you’re having hacker problems! Don’t let the bastards get you down; your blog is great and you’re contributing positive stuff to the world. Wouldn’t it be nice if everyone used their power in a positive way?


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