Picture me, running around the yurt with my arms up in the air shouting “Go Me! Maya Rocks! Woo HOO!!!!”

That was the situation last last night when the google malware alert was lifted off my poor, victimized blog. Malware FREE. I mean, I had to learn a bunch of tricky tech stuff, and talk to friendly tech people, and figure out how to clean code, and everything! I felt like a freaking GENIUS when I got it to work again. There may not be dragons any more, but there are TOTALLY knights on quests to slay evil monsters, because that was me for 48 hours, Sir Maya out to defeat the Evil Malware!

I did it! Woot woot!

One thing—in the process of reverting to back-ups and updating this and that, etc, I lost comments from the last few days. If you posted a comment and it doesn’t seem to be there now, Sorry! Please feel free to re-comment! Especially if you asked a question.

Apparently thousands of sites were hit with the same thing, or so google tells me when I put in the particulars. A url out of South America somewhere was the source, go figure. There was a trojan component, plus endless lists of alphabetical porno pics injected into my site files. Nasty. I feel so used.

The image titles were actually pretty funny. Every variation one could think of was represented, in addition to LOTS I had never considered, hilarious in their specificity, things like jewish-jockstrap-gays, not to be confused with irish-republican-army-gays. Or how about louisiana-cops-fucking or kitchen-ass-sex? Or you could just stick with the basics and go with im-so-fucking-horny.


And weird stuff to find on a blog that mostly features cute little kids and, more recently, kittens. For heaven’s sake.

But it’s all good now. Please come enjoy the kittens and kiddos with no fear of mal-anything. Or whacky fetish porn. This site is CLEAN, hallelujah praise be to the tech gods and my stubborn tenacity in the face of tech-y evil! Go me!

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