clown noses may save the world

Few conflicts in life will fail to be improved by a judicious application of these:

I’m totally serious! See?

Can’t you see how serious I am?

Honestly, a bag of a dozen clown noses will brighten any day immeasurably! I discovered this to be true because the bag of noses I ordered on a lark came in the mail today and were an instant hit.

Then we got the camera out and took turns making funny faces with the clown noses and taking pictures of each other and….well, I’m talking an hour of solid fun. Minimum.

Don’t you feel better than you did a few seconds ago?

Clown noses are so powerful, they are even effective when administered through a blog post!

2 thoughts on “clown noses may save the world

  1. Shear Delight

    I used to be in the military and while deployed to Iraq someone sent us some of these. I walked around with them and a camera. It’s amazing how much it brightened people’s day to take silly pics with a clown nose on. Everyone should try it 🙂


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