unexpected benefit of living in a round house #27

Paul and I were having a fight one day, I don’t remember what about, something stupid probably—aren’t most of these fights about something stupid? It’s too bad you only realize that after the fact. Anyway, the fight reached a head and we both stomped off dramatically, as one is wont to do in those moments. Ah, the beauty of an angry exit!

Except we live in a round house. So… although we stomped off in opposite directions, in about 20 seconds we were facing each other again, our expressions mirror images of Pissed Off Spouse. We couldn’t help it—we burst out laughing.

Just goes to show, you can’t run away when you’re walking in circles.

5 thoughts on “unexpected benefit of living in a round house #27

  1. Bob Hayles

    Loved your closing comment, “Just goes to show, you can’t run away when you’re walking in circles.”

    Reminds me of one of mine I think of when I’m searching for th source of a problem.

    “Everywhere I go there I am.”

    And yes…yurt living, or being a yurt-er, is wonderful…at least for me. Your mileage may vary.


  2. Bob Hayles

    Friends make fun of my living in a tent. I usually respond, “Yes, it’s a tent…but it’s the only tent you ever saw with ceramic tile and hardwood floors…LOL


  3. Kaine

    Wonderful website, thank you so much. My girlfriend & I are just about to start our yurting adventure in the UK (after I’ve finished building it!)
    don’t think being to hot will be a problem!
    keep up the great work/info



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