nyquil gives us back the good stuff

Public service announcement! Nyquil is back! Huh, you say? Where did it go? Well, let me tell you.

Years ago I used to look forward to getting the sniffles because, hey, it meant I could cozy up to my big green jug of Nyquil and drift into a happy, floaty, dreamy sleep. Man, I loved that. Nyquil dreams rock. Ahh, good times.

But then, somehow, it didn’t seem to be working anymore. The dreamy sleep just wasn’t so…dreamy. I figured I had developed a tolerance or something. I tried it a few more times, but…meh. So I gave it up.

But wait! Today I found out that the reason it wasn’t working any more is that Vicks changed the formula!

That’s right—Nyquil now has doxylamine succinate, which, as far as I can tell, doesn’t do crap. It turns out that pseudoephedrine, the stuff in the old Nyquil, can be used to make methamphetamine. And the The Combat Methamphetamine Epidemic Act of 2005 put big ole restrictions on the stuff. It’s still legal, but apparently people used to buy up cases of Nyquil and do naughty things with it, ruining it for the rest of us. So Vicks took the pseudoephedrine out—and lost a butt-load of customers, because, hey, the new formulation sucked.

Vicks, realizing it’s error, in a tried-and-true New Coke/Classic Coke style move, brought the old formulation BACK!

[cue rejoicing in the streets]

It’s true. Now you can get the good stuff, called Nyquil D (D for dreamy? druggie? dumb-ass?), in a drugstore near you—only there’s a catch. They keep it behind the counter. You have to ask for it. And they take down your driver’s license information. No shit.

So, if you’re willing to put up with the Nyquil Distribution Police (OH! Is that what the ‘D’ is for?), you can get your very own green jug of dreamy cold-medicine heaven, once again. Woo hoo!

I can’t wait to get the sniffles again.

29 thoughts on “nyquil gives us back the good stuff

  1. e

    I KNEW it! I too missed the misty sleepiness when I’m sick and need to sleep. Thank you for the heads up.

  2. Zephram Stark

    I tried that at three different stores and the pharmacists said I could only get the good stuff after I agreed (via signature or electronic check box) to bind myself to a $250,000 fine if I did a “trick.” Weasel words like “trick” can be defined in so many different ways that I would essentially be binding myself to the whims of the DEA.

    No thanks. Implementation of The Combat Methamphetamine Epidemic Act of 2005 is a criminal circumvention of the legal system of the United States that uses licensing sanctions and civil contracts to bypass the trial by local jury guarantee of the U.S. Constitution. Vick’s is not going to get my business as long as the only way to get their product is via agreement to an illegal contract.

    1. maya Post author

      Wow Zephram, that ‘trick’ thing is crazy. I just asked Paul and he said yes, he had signed something when he got that last bottle, and so far so good, but he definitely didn’t like it. I guess if the DEA comes knocking, I’ll know why.

  3. Chuck

    I found out about the Nyquil / Nyquil-D issue somewhere around the time of your post as well and was overjoyed to find the real product hiding behind the counter.

    But alas, on September 24th, 2010, Proctor and Gamble has discontinued making Nyquil-D. I just found it online and ordered 10 bottles. Now I have to find a way to keep them hermetically sealed.

    Thought you might want to know. We just lost this battle and now I wanna cry. Though for the next few cold seasons, I’ll have my stock of Nyquil-D.

  4. Bob

    I hope this isn’t the case. I just ran out of my last stock up of this wonderful stuff and just ordered 3 more bottles online. Nobody carried it around here, I asked every pharmacy in town,so I got it online.

    It figures though, something works and its taken off the market.

  5. Dave Burton

    P&G no longer makes Nyquil-D, but some drug stores still have store-brand equivalents. I’ve gotten it at Walgreens and at Kroger Pharmacy. Ask the pharmacist for “store-brand equivalent of Nyquil-D.”


  6. Billy Joe Jr.

    I tried three places today to buy the generic or store brand of Nyquil-D. No dice. Kroger, Meijer and WalMart no longer carry that item. Haven’t tried Walgreens or CVS, but I’m afraid it might be the same.

  7. Deborah

    If just bought a bottle yesterday at walgreens its their brand but works just as good.its been a long time since.if found any.

  8. Anonany

    NyQuil always had doccylamine succinate (an antihistamine) in it, and it is what is responsible for the helping reduce “runny nose” symptom as well as the hypnotic effect of the formula (along with the alcohol). Psuedoephedrine (a decongestant) was taken out of the regular formulation. It was responsible for relieving the “stuffy head” symptom. It is also a stimulant, and with some simple chemical alteration can be sold on the street as a what some call “crystal meth”. It can also elevate dopamine levels, though, so may have something to do with the dreamy effect you like.

    I don’t really understand the fuss. What/who prevents you from buying the over the counter NyQuil, getting a box of generic sudafed from the pharmacist, and taking two with the NyQuil. ViolΓ‘! Old formula NyQuil. Stop griping and get your dream on. Save yourself a few bucks and get some generic Unisom (also doccylamine succinate, but twice as strong per dose) and a shot of whiskey instead of the NyQuil.

    1. maya Post author

      Hi Anonany! Hey that’s some top notch advice you’ve got going on there! I didn’t know the answer could be so simple! I figured there must be some magic formula that only the nyquil elves could achieve mastery of. This is great news for dreamers everywhere. Thanks for your comment!

  9. manotee

    thanks, I’m going to walgreens now to see if it’s too late! Since you wrote this in 2009. I knew something was up. Hopefully, they will have some. I don’t feel like I can get better without it! I’m so sick right now.

  10. Jones

    Found nyquil d at target today in los angeles, behind the counter. the guy working there didn’t even know they had it until I pointed at the bottle

    1. maya Post author

      Huh! I had heard it was canceled, but if you just found some, if it wasn’t expired, seems like it must still be in production. It’s some good shit, amiright?

  11. Lisa

    OMGosh…..I need the old Nyquil. It’s the only thing that makes me feel better when I have a really bad cold. I can breathe at night and feel sooooo rested and refreshed in the morning. I knew something was wrong w/ new formula. It also gave me nightmares! I am going to Walgreens after work to see if they have the Nyquil D.

  12. Lisa

    ok, just called Walgreens. They have it!! Yay!!
    You have to have driver’s license, though. Yay! I’ll be able to sleep tonight! πŸ™‚

  13. Jamie

    Thanks, Billy Joe and everybody else for the Walgreens tip. I went to Kroger yesterday to get their store brand equivalent to original Nyquil (called Nite Time) and all I got were stares as if I’d lost my mind. Well, tonight I went to Walgreens and bought their store brand “Cold and Flu Nighttime D”. It has the same 4 active ingredients in the same amounts.

    Now I can get some relief from this cold… and some much needed sleep, too.

  14. Vernon Bird

    Whoa, back up.

    You got it wrong. While pseudoephedrine (a decongestant) was replaced for a while with phenylephrine, doxylamine (an antihistamine) has always been an ingredient. In fact, doxylamine is the ingredient (combined with alcohol) that makes you sleepy. Pseudoephedrine is a decongestant that actually has a little stimulant effect. Now, that can combine with the doxylamine to produce a “speedball” effect, so maybe that’s what you were looking for.

    Now, if I remember correctly, there was originally 7.5 mg of doxylamine, whereas now it’s 6.25 mg. I was looking around to confirm that when I found this post.

    1. maya Post author

      I stand corrected! πŸ™‚ I’ve actually been getting my hit lately with CVS brand pseudoephedrine in a little pill that I take alongside the regular Nyquil. Works great!

  15. Johnny

    Recently came down with a cold and was jonsing for the good old nyquil D.. After a few trips I came up empty. But after a few experiments I figured out mixing 1 tablet of alkaseltzer D which you can find behind the counter at any CVS. About 30 mg of new formal nyquil does the trick great. You really only have to be careful because nyquil has 650 mg of aceto..the stuff Tylenol is made of and the max dose is 1000 per 6 hours so be careful when mixing the two! But it’s working great so far… And you still get those beautiful nyquil dreams!!! Happy sickness!


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