the TOOL shed

Paul has reached the 80% done point on his tool shed. I joke with him about how it’s where he keeps his tool. [insert Beavis and Butthead laugh here.] He’s been really happy working on the it because he’s finally building something with no time pressure (the baby is coming! the goats are coming! winter is coming!) or inspection requirements (now you will pay thousands of dollars for engineers to say that yes, this building will not fall down—bend over please). Ahem.

I think it has turned out delightfully.

Come on over for a tour….

The bottom half is masonry, the top half cordwood. Everything in it is recycled. Timbers were cut from when the land was cleared for the yurt. The doors, windows, hardware, etc, are all from the local used building materials store. The cement was free from Craig’s List. Paul estimates that the whole thing has cost a couple hundred dollars.

A detail from the front wall….

Here we go around the corner.

Can you see all the little tiles the kids and I pressed into the mortar? That was surprisingly fun.

Here is the same wall from the inside.

And the same wall down near the floor. More of Sophie’s tile work.

The back wall is made of blue glass bottles and more of the little blue tiles.

The front wall from the inside.

The floor is recycled brick.

Here it is, tucked away in the woods….

Every man should have such a nice place to play with his tool. I mean tools.

ETA: see some ‘making of the tool shed’ posts here.

3 thoughts on “the TOOL shed

  1. Ralph

    Just finished reading all 3 parts of the shed project. Looked like fun! All the details & different things used was overwhelming but it’s nice to see it in the works. Next project..A Greenhouse for the garden. 🙂 Enjoy. Ralph from the woods of CT.

  2. maya Post author

    Hello Ralph, thanks so much for visiting! Good luck with your greenhouse—we actually have a huge glass greenhouse in pieces in our storage shed. Someone was taking it down and gave it to Paul for free. I wonder where it will end up getting used…


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