world’s best halloween decorations!

Yesterday I showed you our neighbor’s Halloween creations from last year. Today we have the promised pics of THIS year’s spooky masterpieces…

First, the big picture.

hallow 16.jpg

Here are some of the floating ghost people. Poor suffering things.

hallow 10.jpg

And a little social commentary:

hallow 7.jpg

Can you see the giant spiders eating that person who is hanging out of the house window in the background?

Next we have the Zoo of Eternal Doom.

hallow 2.jpg

hallow 3.jpg

hallow 4.jpg

There is also a theme, this year, of the Young Grim Reaper’s childish exploits. Here we have an accidental beheading in school. Oops!

hallow 5.jpg

And the resulting Time Out Chair.

hallow 6.jpg

Here is a more pleasant moment for our Young Grim Reaper, a Ghoulish Sleepover.

hallow 9.jpg

Like the snack food? Kentucky Fried Fingers. Yum!

hallow 8.jpg

Can’t forget class pictures…

hallow 11.jpg

hallow 12.jpg

And some fellow classmates….

hallow 13.jpg

hallow 14.jpg

Last, but not least, Young Grim Reaper’s favorite, practical jokes. Here Grim is putting a human baby down the pants of the class werewolf. Ahh, boys will be boys.

hallow 17.jpg

Happy Halloween!

hallow 1.jpg

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