crazy freak storm!

Yesterday afternoon it was 80 degrees and we were all hanging out in our tank tops, settling in for dinner and baths, when a rainstorm started up, which is always dramatic in a yurt because it is so loud. I mean, a yurt is basically a glorified tent–there isn’t much between us and the elements, at least not sound-wise. We’re dry and warm and comfy but we have to shout to be heard.

Even so, this rain storm was really, really loud, so we stepped outside to check it out and this is what we saw:


Those little, white dots aren’t popcorn, they’re HAIL. “It’s raining ice! It’s raining ice!” yells Luc, and we can barely hear him because it is POUNDING.

And then, while the ice is falling from the sky, the ground steaming, the sun comes out and we get this:


Can you see it? A rainbow! Hail is still falling, the sun is shining, and there is a rainbow over Paul’s pile of recycled building materials. He says, “The gods have blessed my junk.”

In ten minutes the whole thing was over. Here is a pic of the ground.


And here is what the kids collected from the yard:


Isn’t that crazy? In fifteen minutes the whole thing had melted, as if it had never happened!

Good thing it wasn’t frogs.

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