the boob facination starts really, really young

1. to nurse

1. the part of the mommy’s body where the mims comes out. breast.
2. the milk itself
3. a favorite doll, the one with the orange hat, who’s best friend is Bunny. Mims and Bunny are going on a picnic.

Recent usage by my two year old son:

1. (pouring imaginary water on my chest) “Mommy, I’m watering your mims so they will grow.”

2. (in an escalating contest to find better names to call each other, as in “you are a box of chocolates!” “Oh, yeah? Well, you’re a bag of marshmallows!”) “Oh yeah? Well, you are a big, big, big, big, big, big, big, nice mim!” The ultimate compliment in his mind.

3. (patting a giant, rounded pile of play doh) “Look, Mommy! I made one of your mims!”

I could go on.

And here are Mims and Bunny, as I found them, this morning when I went to make the beds.

mims and bunny

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