easter egg chickens

We have four Ameraucana chickens, named (by my daughter) Goldie, Whitey, Coco, and Floppy. Goldie, Whitey, and Cocoa were named for their colors, Floppy for her tendency, as a chick, to flop around. Naming is so easy when you are four years old. However, my husband declared that Whitey’s full name is Whitey on the Moon. I think he is right.

Here is Whitey.


And here are all Goldie and Floppy, next to Whitey on a log. I couldn’t find Cocoa. She likes to keep to herself.


The girls give us 3 or 4 eggs a day, and, I kid you not, they lay pastel colored eggs. This shot was taken fresh from the hen house.


Since we let the chickens wander around most days, they sometimes make themselves secret nests, which we find, days later, full of hoarded, beautiful eggs, treasure in the leaves, or under the house, or in a sand bucket. It’s like an easter egg hunt, all year round.

And the eggs are delicious.

8 thoughts on “easter egg chickens

  1. Suzie O'Connor

    Aren’t these the neatest chickens – I have a couple of them and my grands just love to pick up there eggs. I have gotten from them already sky blue eggs, light pink eggs and a almost white egg with a hue of pink. I just love them!

  2. maya Post author

    Hi, Suzie, thanks for stopping by! Yes, we love our girls. We usually get light blue, but sometimes they are pink, or pale green, or even lavender. How the heck do they do that?

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